The series DOCUMENTA AUGUSTANA MUSICA publishes compositions attributed to Leopold Mozart. A total of 26 volumes have been released (20 volumes of DOCUMENTA AUGUSTANA MUSICA by TRIO Musik Edition, and six previously published volumes of DOCUMENTA AUGUSTANA by Wißner-Verlag Augsburg, now also available through TRIO Musik Edition). These works were either previously unpublished or only available in inadequate or hard-to-access editions. The goal was to create a cross-section of the work of this significant musician from the transitional phase to the Classical period.
A large part of these editions was developed at the University of Augsburg. The printed editions combine a playable version of the musical text with a detailed source-critical commentary, thus meeting the needs of both musicians and scholars.
The not overly high level of difficulty makes the symphonies ideal repertoire for school and amateur ensembles; at the same time, the editions provide musicians committed to historical performance practice with a reliable foundation for their interpretation. Carefully prepared parts, tailored to modern reading habits, have been published for each work.